We have community choirs in…
Our Choirs are back in full swing…
…and WE believe that anyone CAN Sing
WE CAN Sing UK is all about bringing your local community together in a friendly, exciting, empowering, fun and safe singing environment.
We are more than just a singing group, we are a choir family, and we all love the benefits of coming together to sing and support each other as a choir family will always do.

Why join us?

Well we know that there are significant health benefits to singing and we all know how much fun it is singing with friends. So we encourage people to do just that. Why not take your singing out of the shower and join a WE CAN Sing UK Choir near you today?

Find Your Choir

All about Community
“When I hear that choir members love coming to choir rehearsal and have made friends for life from joining our community choirs, it makes me feel so good”. Mr T Jae Cole (Founder)

Come join a singing family of people where we don’t need to know your his/her story, we just want to enjoy you and your voice.

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