WE CAN Sing – Pro
WE CAN Sing – Pro is a choir that is specifically created for experienced singers that want a regular place to sing with other singers.

WE CAN Sing – Pro is open to every singer regardless of vocal style, race, religion, or sexuality. All are welcome.
Each singer will be auditioned
Experience is necesarry
However, no need to read sheet music
It is a fun outlet for singers.

We promote positive communication within our choirs with particular emphasis on encouragement, respect and support.
We offer a safe, fun and empowering learning environment for everyone that attends.
Need to get your confidence back in singing, then join us.

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We seek to inspire local singers to come together and work towards a small intimate showcase. We want to challenge each member to take their vocals to the next level.
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Where and When?
This is our first season of WE CAN Sing – Pro.

Season 1 of WE CAN Sing Pro will start on Tuesday 25th April 2017. In order to secure your place, you will need to sign up for this 6 week sessions in advance.

First Rehearsal Date:
25th April 2017
8.00pm – 10.00pm
Riverside One Studios, Chatham, ME4 4SL

Please sign up for this season if you are interested in joining WE CAN Sing – Pro by clicking here.

All singers must book and pay for WE CAN Sing Pro in advance.

Latest News

Remembrance Day Concert

The Remembrance Day Concert Tickets are now available to book!
Get them Here

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WOLVES CAN Sing - Charity Donation


WOLVES CAN Sing had their debut concert on Sunday 2nd July 2017.

It was an amazing afternoon of sharing and encouragement. Everyone left buzzing from the love and energy in the room.

Together both choir members, friends and families came together and raised an amazing £260.00 to give to local charity POWERPLEAS.

We look forward to next season where we hope it will be even more fun.

It’s gonna be a powerhouse of vocals.

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WOVLES CAN Sing - Debut Performance


WOLVES CAN Sing – Charity Fundraising Showcase

The people of Wolverhampton were challenged to put come together to form a choir to show that WOLVES CAN Sing.

After 4 weeks of intense fun and laughter, a small crowd from Wovlerhampton are ready to show you their best.

As with all of our performances we will be fundraising for a local charity. This event is to support Powerplease www.powerplease.org. A small charity that helps provide electric wheelchairs for children with mobility needs.

WOLVES CAN Sing is a combined adults & children’s choir and consists of people from all walks of life. Our community performance is on Sunday 2nd July 2017.

If you are free please bring for your family along to be part of this special day.

All are welcome and its only £3 entry and under 5s come free.

To reserve tickets please email us on.


We look forward to seeing you.

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